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moth Zwentendorf Insects


Alas, the insects at the Zwentendorf power plant (formerly planned to be atomic) did not mutate. 2007-08-05 20:29
Dürnrohr 3 Zwentendorf / Dürnrohr


Here's what you do if the public doesn't want you to operate an atomic power plant (Zwentendorf): You simply build another one that works with coal (Dürnrohr), using the same power lines. 2007-08-05 20:25
sleeping sky Zurich Impressions


A day trip to Zurich and Pfäffikorn SZ 2008-07-17 03:05
dogs Xmas / Korneuburg

How my father's living area got decorated

There's that habit to decorate everything everywhere during christmas. I've documented 2004s decoration from my fathers place with pictures. 2004-12-18 00:26
kraftwerk 3 Wärmekraftwerk Korneuburg

Korneuburgs secret symbol/monument

Todays first Photo Club session lead us to the secret symbol of Korneuburg. The Wärmekraftwerk can be seen from far away and is very recognizable.

Note the red-white-red stripes on it. Red White Red are the colours of the Austrian flag!

2005-03-21 20:22
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