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* SocialSecurityUK * SocialSecurityUK
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  +++ Austria
  Notes from Mr. Gauster-Filek. Austria has universal health insurance called Krankenkassa. It is mandatory / required. But what are the benefits compared to private / personal health insurances?
  **Who is covered?** Everyone who works or is retired after working. But students over age are not covered by parents.
  In UK, everyone is covered. Even tourists!
  Private insurance is based on age.
  Btw. Swizzerland doesn't have universal health insurance either.
  **Advantages** It's affordable, there are few people who are uninsured. Almost 100 percent are covered.
  The problem: Our society is getting older, we spend more on health insurance.
  The WGKK has a big deficit, the government workers (BVA) have a small profit. Everyone pays the same, whether healthy or not.
  Not covered: Tourists, asylum seekers
  **Disadvantages** private health, cost based on certain criterias / factors (age and health) most health insurances will exclude pre-existing conditions.
  Diabetes: one of the worst health problems imaginable.
  National: Big pool, everyone takes out and put in, cost stable
  Private: Profit oriented, cost going up