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+++ phpWebSite versions 0.8.x-x +++ phpWebSite versions 0.8.x-x
  there are exactly three posts in here, the latest being from 2004. Support for 0.8 is officially closed down.
  +++ Forum developement
  * Public Discussion
  * Moderator's Lounge
  The Public Discussion forum isn't as well accepted as the other forums, if one has a look at the postcounts and dates. On the other hand, things are often enough written down to the point.
  There's also an interesting statement I just read [url=]about general PWS-support[/url]:
  "(...)surely one well-publicised and well-structured forum should suffice"?
  ++ Suggestions
  There already where a couple of suggestions pointed out since the start back in October 2004. Please add the ones I forgot:
  * "phpWebSite versions 0.8.x-x" -- should it be scrapped? (Xirocco)
  * "Windows support forum" -- do we need a dedicated forum for Windows? (Sharondippity)
  * "Restructuring" -- can we make the forum structure less ambigious and more compact? (ReneKiesler)
  * "Tagging" -- How about introducing per-post categories as well? (TonyOosterhoff)