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++++ Fifth Mission: ++++ Fifth Mission:
(the one a little left from the site next to Marios) (the one a little left from the site next to Marios)
  Not as fancy as the building in the Fourth Mission, but otherwise pretty similar.
  First Star: Get 200 Visitors
  * Gives you a 500 Yen Bonus
  * Gives you a broader Base
  * Gives you Big Lift and Service Lift
  * Gives you Hotel-Rooms
  * Gives you Restaurants, Parking and Vending Machines
  * Gives you Sky Lobbies
  Second Star: Get 800 Visitors
  * Gives you a 5000 Yen bonus
  * Gives you a Cinema and a Medical Center
  * Gives you a Metro
  Third Star: Get 2000 Visitors