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updated by rck, 2004-10-10

a2html is a lex-program, which I wrote back in May 2004. I've encountered some problems while pasting JAVA-Sourcecode in phpWebSite, which hindered me on adding examples to my Tutorials. As I've been using Lex for another lecture of my study at the same time, I put it to good use here as well.

Using a2html

As soon, as you have compiled a2html (see previous page), you can use it. make, flex and gcc made you an executeable called a2html, which you can feed with data.

a2html doesn't take any commandline parameters. Instead, it's working on stdinput and stdoutput. Say, you have a file called bla.txt. If you want to convert it to html, you simply issue:

a2html < bla.txt > bla.html

Please note the < and the >. While the first redirects bla.txt to stdin of a2html, the > redirects all output of a2html to a file called bla.html. bla.html would be overwritten, if it already existed.

That's it, happy converting!

Using a2html

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