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Fun with Selections in Photoshop
updated by rck, 2004-11-09

One of the main reasons, why I haven't fully switched to Linux and cope with Windows XP must be the incredible amount of amazing software for Windows. The best, of course, is Photoshop. Let's make a graphic with it.

Better living with effects

To make that more visually appealing, I've added a couple of effects here: Inner Bevel and Contour. You can choose the effects with right-click on the layer you'd like to apply it to (sorry, Mac-People!). They are hidden in the Blending Options

To make your graphics look the same as mine, just click "Bevel and Emboss" and "Contour". Feel free to play around with the settings here, you can undo all of them without any harm.

Your layer preview should look the way it looks on the upper/left of the graphics here, if you chose to Bevel and Emboss it.


Adding more

inner shadow
inner shadow

What I did next, was creating a new layer (again!) and selecting the circle-layer with ctrl. I now have only the selection of the circle, without actually seeing it. Neat.

To get a graphics, that looks the same like mine here, just shrink the circle by 5 pixels (Select - Modify - Contract) and fill it with White.

Then, give it the Inner Shadow effect.

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