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Consistent Control Panel Icons for phpWebSite
updated by rck, 2006-03-29

One of the key features in phpWebSite is the modularity. It's very easy to enhance a installation of phpWebSite with any given phpWebSite module. On the other hand, the modules' look & feel varies quite a bit. Wouldn't it be nice to have at least a slightly more consistent look? I've compiled some more subtle icons for my favourite CMS.

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If you haven't trashed your database by now (you did do a backup, didn't you?), you should be able to see your new gained icons in the control panel.

I've included all the icons needed for the modules I'm using. In case you have any suggestions or comments on this, please leave a comment below.

Happy hacking!


What a stylish sheep could look like
It's not easy being red

Sheep Set

The Icon Set. Without it, you'd have to draw all the nice icons yourself. Please share, if you do!

Kitch Hiking's Iconset

The set, that got me all inspired the first place. Containts cool stuff like "mailto icons", "print icons", etc. If you like my icons, you'll love them.


The site, where the icons came from. Sure worth a visit, has a very nice design.


The tool of choice for creating your own icons. Please share! :-)

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