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Review: Mastering phpMyAdmin
updated by rck, 2005-09-19

Most hosting plans including MySQL also include phpMyAdmin as a front end. A lot of open source php applications depend upon MySQL as a database backend. Knowing more about phpMyAdmin could thus improve a webmasters experience.

Packt publishing was as nice as sending me a copy of their Mastering phpMyAdmin book for review. I hope you enjoy this review as much as I did reading it!

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A quick introduction

MySQL is one of the cornerstones of quite a few open-source web-applications. The lightweight and fast database has a permanent home in the hearts of especially php-programmers. php included native MySQL support very early and thus allowed people to write database-applications easily.

Soon, there was a need to manage databases. Out of the box, MySQL only had a commandline interface as well as a few bindings to programming languages. A couple of different front-ends to MySQL were created by third-party programmers. Some of them stand-alone (Windows applications, Linux applications), other web based.

One of the web-based ones was MySQL-Webadmin by Peter Kippelwieser. Some of the ideas from that discontinued product made it into phpMyAdmin.

Who will like the book?

Mastering phpMyAdmin is written for people of all kinds of levels. Administrators will find that it can make their lives easier. Programmers probably will like the big feature set of the application and learn parts of it they never thought of.

Who will be disappointed?

This is a book for people with a technical mind. It is not intended for managers and won't help you with your business case. Also, it won't teach you the ins and outs of relational databases.

You should already know a bit about RDBMSes to get the most benefit of the book but probably will also manage without that knowledge.
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