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Members Module for phpWebSite
updated by rck, 2006-12-23

Some site owners would like to have a list of members. Like they do in for example phpBB or other community oriented CMSes. Now you can have such a member list, including member statistics, in phpWebSite too.

Note: Please note, that this is a restricted download. This module is only available for members who have voted for the phpWebSite awards 2006. Please also note, that this poll only runs until start of 2007!


Please vote for your favorite phpWebSite 2006 first!

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  • 0.10.x or 1.0.0?

    Posted on 2006-12-24 02:32:08 By defrisselle[2]

    Um, Is this a 0.10.x module or a 1.0.0 module?

    [Reply ]

    • Re: 0.10.x or 1.0.0?

      Posted on 2006-12-24 10:02:09 By rck[110]

      I thought those where compatible with each other? I wrote and tested it with 0.10.x, don't know whether it works on 1.0.

      [Reply ]

      • Re: 0.10.x or 1.0.0?

        Posted on 2007-01-02 19:10:26 By singletrack[1]

        0.10.x modules aren't compatible with 1.0

        [Reply ]

  • No Subject

    Posted on 2007-03-31 13:12:49 By AJH[1]

    Is there an other way to get this Module? The Voting is over, so if this was a onetime opportunity its ok. I`m just asking...

    [Reply ]

    • Re: Getting the members module

      Posted on 2007-03-31 15:25:36 By rck[110]

      Hi AJH,

      you got mail! Anyone else wanting to have that module, please contact me at rene (at) kiesler (dot) at.

      Best Regards,


      [Reply ]

  • Members module

    Posted on 2007-09-02 03:12:27 By soccerdog[1]

    I am interested in the Members module. Thank you for all you do to promote new uses for PHP Website.

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