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Consistent Control Panel Icons for phpWebSite
updated by rck, 2006-03-29

One of the key features in phpWebSite is the modularity. It's very easy to enhance a installation of phpWebSite with any given phpWebSite module. On the other hand, the modules' look & feel varies quite a bit. Wouldn't it be nice to have at least a slightly more consistent look? I've compiled some more subtle icons for my favourite CMS.

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Look at the picture to the right. Look, how the icons are similar to each others. Look how form follows function and how easy it should be using those icons compared to the shipping ones.

But don't fall in love with them yet, as it takes a bit of work to make them run on your site.

the gain

Unzipping the icons

First step: Put the icons in place. This is done easily by expanding all of them to the directory /images/mod/controlpanel of your current phpWebSite installation. It would be nice, if we'd be finished by now, but alas, the database caches the image sizes of the icons.

Correcting the config panel table

The following modules ship with icons, that are not 48 x 48 pixels big:

  • Quotes
  • Article Manager
  • Photobox
  • phpWSRSS and
  • phpWSBB

This list is of course not complete but merely a compilation of modules I use on my site. It would be nice, could you write down other "non-behaving" icons in the comments area.

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