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Bauchtänzerin Mittelalterfest Falkenstein


2006-06-25 17:05
jump 2 Springparty Stockerau


2007-10-03 15:24
rosen Siggi birthday 2007


2007-10-03 15:17
markus 2 PROMOTE LG34 PM-1 Training


2008-02-21 23:54
minnich 5 Minnich Fashion Committee


2009-03-26 01:50
14 am baum 4 Melanie W Shooting 2


2010-03-23 16:49
philosopher Korneuburg Mixed Culture at Tom's


...and the after-party 2007-10-03 15:15
mouse Stanley at Home

while my father is in Burma...

...I take care of my cat. 2005-01-29 11:16
reinigen Magdeburg 2003

Das Leben als Wache

2003, das Jahr, in dem es geschah. Endlich brachte ich meinen Präsenzdienst hinter mich, genau wie viele andere Kameraden. 2004-09-21 23:06
Nervous Flyball Turnier


4 Dogs. 4 Guys. 4 Balls. 1 Machine. 7 Rounds. 2007-10-03 15:47
packet 2 UC-55

My Clié cradle arrived

After months and months of trying, I finally got my Clié Cradle today. That wouldn't have been possible without Wayne from the phpWebSite community.

2005-01-20 10:53
front 1 BMW Power

How not to take care of your BMW

Another gem from our first Photo Club Session. The owner of this BMW obviously doesn't like it as much as he/she should. Found in Korneuburg.

2005-03-21 19:03
dust 2 Autobahn Baustelle Korneuburg

Fastlane, everyday sight

At last. Todays Photo Club session gave me oportunity to photograph what I see everyday. When driving from my home to Vienna, you will see this big construction site.

Not exactly a pleasant sight. And very, very dusty...

2005-03-21 20:29
schlusswort Best of Security

Security Verbesserung 2005-01

Damit die vier Stunden Testkorrektur sich diesmal auch auszahlen, haben wir die besten Meldungen verfilmt. Viel Spaß!

2005-01-30 19:50
mark Clie TH-55 Resolution Test

how good is my clies resolution?

I've just stumbled across Stephen H Westins Camera Resolution Test Chart and couldn't resist trying it. My Clié performed rather badly, as expected.

2004-12-18 19:18
Hotjava 4.5 useable lsd vs. Windows & Konqueror

How does the default theme of as of 2004-11-07 perform on various Browsers?

I've spent a lot of time of doing div-based designs for phpWebSite. Yesterday, for example, I've worked from 10am to 5am to get rid of nasty, nasty errors.

phpWebSite templates are horrible, html-wise. The following Screenshots of the new theme are proof, that it can be done, nevertheless.

2004-11-07 20:13
blaumeise 3 Birdwatching

From our first photo club session

klwe and I were watching birds today. We even shot pictures! In case you want to join us and are from Vienna or a surrounding are: Please say so in the Photo Club Forum!

2005-03-21 18:48
is it a sign? Leopolds Berg

A nice view to Vienna

Our first Photo Club session lead us to the Leopoldsberg. It's a small hill near Vienna which has a nice view to the Austrian capitol.

2005-03-21 20:43
kraftwerk 3 Wärmekraftwerk Korneuburg

Korneuburgs secret symbol/monument

Todays first Photo Club session lead us to the secret symbol of Korneuburg. The Wärmekraftwerk can be seen from far away and is very recognizable.

Note the red-white-red stripes on it. Red White Red are the colours of the Austrian flag!

2005-03-21 19:22
Poppo in civil Tierschutzfest Korneuburg


A birthday party for the animal shelter house. 2007-10-03 15:29
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