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Siegi 3 Remedy Camp


A couple of photos from our colleagues from Ankara and Split. 2006-05-30 22:07
Katharina 3 Katharina


Katharina posing just for me and for my Canon PowerShot S2 IS. 2006-05-30 22:02
Serdar 2 Work Time


A couple of point-less shots I took at work with my Canon PowerShot S2 IS. 2006-05-30 22:00
blue only Bathroom Experiments


The first shooting with my Canon PowerShoot S2 IS I'm publishing. 2006-05-27 22:31
Stockerauer Strasse Spring in Korneuburg


a couple of nice flower shots, taken yesterday during a cloudy day. 2006-04-29 22:46
Serdar and Servet, 2 Italian Food


We've fetched some food with our colleagues from Ankara today. 2006-04-28 11:41
Tobias, Siegi, Servet and Oguz Internal Training

2006 April 10th-13th

We met our colleagues from Split and Ankara in Vienna. Siegi introduced us to the various feature we are going to implement. 2006-04-26 14:14
Roman, Rene and Nadia Beethoven Cycle


We've been to the Beethoven cycle in April 2006. That's all nine symphonies of Beethoven in a row! 2006-04-26 12:51
Turkish Pizza Visit from Ankara


Today, I've been eating in a turkish restaurant with my colleagues from Ankara. 2006-04-26 12:38
Cindy and Lea Cindy and Felix

provided by Mandarin

Cindy is Mandarins cat, which runs around freely in her home-city. She also had a home for Felix, who parted from her before the previous millenium ended. This album is a suplement to the <a href="thread567.html">Katzenthread</a> 2006-04-23 15:27
wellness studio Munich, mainly airport


Pictures from a business trip to Munich. Took a couple of photos out of sheer boredom, some are quite nice. 2006-02-08 18:43
typical rock sample Malta Impressions


Malta is a rock which blooms in winter. Grey and gay too. Paradise of cactus fig and a lost neolithic maternal culture. 2006-01-04 23:12
cantina 3 Ankara Colleagues


The colleagues we are working with from now on. And a couple of other stuff, too. 2005-12-18 23:41
truck Ankara


People and Country 2005-12-18 22:57
station Ankara Museum of Technology


The visit to the Ankara Museum of Science and technology was a short and pleasant one. Our trainer Ben and I took a short walk there during a lunch break. 2005-12-18 22:24
broken Ankara Airport


A couple of photos, taken at the Airport in Ankara during a business trip. 2005-12-18 22:03
Wolfgang 3 TMM Treffen 2


Yesterday was the second "Tanz Mit Mir" meeting at the dance-school Watzek in Vienna. I took the opportunity to take pictures of Wolfgang, the TMM admin. 2005-12-18 00:05
Bunnies The most important "Bunnies" of the world.


Is Albrecht Dürer the initiator of the Playboy Foundation? Please write in Forums/Lounge/Funny 2005-12-14 19:21
Lea and Dalbo 2 Lea and Dalbo

provided by Mandarin

Lea and Dalbo are Mandarins dogs. These photos are a supplement to the Forum thread Der Katzenthread. 2005-11-22 21:04
Skip English conversation class


Today, we didn't only have a report about Baqlawa. No, we also had the oportunity to taste one made especially for us. 2005-11-16 22:12
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