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The age of semantic web
updated by rck, 2004-10-20

Contemporary web designers have two things in common: They all sigh about the lack of standards support in webpages. And they all try to reach table-less design. This isn't the only goal to go for.

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Presentational/Propritary/tablebased to semantic

first, get rid of all the propritary tags. quick.

About the layout tables. Well, this is a tougher cookie. Have a look at the css layouts, which I refer below. Maybe there is one suitable for your needs.

Having set your site on a diet, please continue with From basic html to semantic.


Don Knuth's Homepage

Who would think, that Don Knuth's homepage is Netscape-DTD based? Well, I've been quite surprised about that.

Yahoo 2000

Back in the year 2000, yahoo was basically a big table, with lot's of links and presentation tags. In 2004, they still use loads of presentational tags, combined with tables and javascript...

IBM 1999

IBM's 1999 site is so full of sh... iny pictures, that it won't even display properly in Internet Explorer 6 (!) while browsing through the wayback machine. Basically, it's a fixed table with loads of pictures in it. 2004 they got at least rid of some pictures. Still the same, fixed size and still table based, though. 2001

I still like this design, I think it's one of my better ones. It's layout is -- of course -- table based. Having said that, I can't find too many faults in it. Right now I'm struggling with css on my homepage, I'm updating it every once in a while. Default theme still tablebased, but alternate themes are more and more css based.

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The web as we know it
From basic html to semantic
Presentational/Propritary/tablebased to semantic

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