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An interview with Francisco Burzi
updated by rck, 2005-08-18

phpNuke is a well-known portal solution and the base of a lot of other open source CMS projects. Think about postNuke, phpWebSite or Xoops. I did an interview with Francisco Burzi, the man behind the phpNuke project.

Mr. Burzi tells about his family, his job, the future of phpNuke and his thoughts on theoretical aspects of content management systems.

Thanks to Robert Kennedy for proof-reading!

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Nahory Burzi
Nahory Burzi

What are your favourite phpNuke sites you didn't do yourself? Why? How could these become even better?

I think that is very nice in layout and in content. Also is one of my favourite sites. But the most amazing one with obvious really hard work behind it is: To become better than they are, just content... nothing more.

What are your favourite non-phpNuke sites you didn't do yourself? Why? How could these become even better?

I like, very nice style and clean. But I think there are some design failures, but nothing very big.

Maybe my favourite non-PHP-Nuke site is because of the games news.

What are your favourite self-made sites? Why? How could these become even better?

I have been working on and and I'm preparing another one, a big one. To become better they need more visitors ;)

What's your favourite phpNuke-derivative? Why? How could it become even better?

I prefer to call it my favourite CMS "after" PHP-Nuke, and maybe Xoops is the strongest candidate. I saw some sites made with Xoops and I liked them. I don't know the Xoops internals so I can't think about it.

What's your favourite phpNuke site that doesn't look like phpNuke at all?

That's a big problem. Almost all users think that their site should look similar and that is far away from the truth. There are few sites that show nice customization work, but as mentioned above, the best in my opinion is:

What are the strangest phpNuke sites you've seen?

I don't remember the URLs at this time but when the USA made their military intervention in Afghanistan, I remember that the Northern Alliance and Taliban web sites were both PHP-Nuke. Something curious, two groups so separated but deeply united by using the same tools to spread their ideas.


You have introduced a totaly new advertising system. Why? Was there a demand for it?

Yes. Many people asked for it. Having a website for a hobbie for nothing isn't in the mind of any webmaster anymore. Everyone wants to have a revenue for their work. The new advertising system included with the latest version is something that will help site owners manage their ad customers, or even to manage their other banner affiliation systems.

If you wouldn't be able to announce stuff on phpNuke, where would you advertise your stuff?

Google's AdWords

...and if you didn't have any money?

Maybe I'll finish a banner exchange system

...and if you had really insane heaps of money?

CNN, BBC, Yahoo or something similar.

Do you know about search engine optimization? Do you do it yourself? Do you have a corporation with someone doing it?

Yes, I know about SEO and I'm doing a hard study to make the right optimizations on my site and then on PHP-Nuke code. There isn't any corporation behind this study.

Graphics or Text-Ads?

Both, maybe even combined.

Ads within content or Ads outside of content?

Again, both. If relevant ads are presented to a visitor, everybody will benefit.

What do you think about Linkfarms? (Sites only having links on them to boost pagerank, etc.)

Illegal from the search engines point of view. Irritating and annoying from my point of view.

Does a site with phpNuke generate revenue? How? And without advertising running on it?

Advertising is a good method to earn income, but maybe it doesn't leave too much for the average site. PHP-Nuke has a feature that lets the webmaster control the content access of a particular section for the specified users. This can be exploited for commercial purposes and has a great potential.

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  • Thanks

    Posted on 2005-08-20 12:40:42 By Anonymous

    Thanks for this detailed informations! Hinrich

  • No Subject

    Posted on 2005-08-23 23:53:09 By Anonymous

    excellent interview!

  • Great Read!

    Posted on 2006-03-27 09:55:30 By Anonymous

    This interview with Francisco was an absolute pleasure to read, I'm an IT graduate from Australia just starting to look into the advantages of using CMS and portal systems. To get an insight into one of the early developers of a Portal system was fantastic ;)

    • Re: Great Read!

      Posted on 2006-03-27 16:47:14 By rck[110]

      Glad to hear that! Btw., I have a couple of years experience with CMSes, too. Maybe you'd like to start a discussion or two in my forums? I'd gladly join...

  • Great Read!

    Posted on 2006-04-03 20:59:26 By Anonymous

    Excellent Interview. Congratulations!!!

  • Burzi And Nuke

    Posted on 2006-08-09 18:33:10 By Anonymous

    I'm A TÜRK Webmaster Thank You Burzi php-nuke forever number one cms ;)

  • No Subject

    Posted on 2006-11-27 17:39:39 By Anonymous

    Someone needs to create an online or correspondence school for Nuke. Burzi says his programming is easy and in the community I'm a part of none of us fully understand it. Nuke technical help forums abound for a very good reason and even there, the pros can't figure out a lot of things. Nuke is the greatest but create a site with full definitions of variables and their uses and all entailed in programming Nuke, make money doing it, I know a million people that would pay.
    vive le Nuke.

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