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An interview with Francisco Burzi
updated by rck, 2005-08-18

phpNuke is a well-known portal solution and the base of a lot of other open source CMS projects. Think about postNuke, phpWebSite or Xoops. I did an interview with Francisco Burzi, the man behind the phpNuke project.

Mr. Burzi tells about his family, his job, the future of phpNuke and his thoughts on theoretical aspects of content management systems.

Thanks to Robert Kennedy for proof-reading!

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Social Life

Do online communities improve social life? How? Why not?

If you take your online friends seriously and consider meeting them in person, the answer is yes. If you use online communities facilities like comments systems or forums to just insult people, …say whatever barbarity that cross your mind, then it don't improve your social life. The problem is that there are too many inmature people on the net writing whatever they want without any control and hidding behind a keyboard, which is cowardice.

Are online communities important for the world?

They are starting to become important. We don't know were they go, but will go far. I think that day by day online communities are becoming important.

What do you think about free speech?

After life, the most important human right. It isn't negotiable, has no value and can't be confiscated.

About speaking the mind freely?

Even better than speech because nobody knows what you're thinking ;)

But it isn't a right, it's a pleasure!

about the blogging-hype? Is it a hype? Or is it old wine in new barrels?

I think it's a NEW wine in an OLD barrel

What, if...?

Kitaro, F. Burzis favourite artist

Imagine you had a team of 20 programmers, 4 designers, a couple of evangelists, usability experts and quality assurance, etc.. If you wanted to doing a completely new CMS, what would be different from phpNuke? What would remain the same? Where would be your focus?

My absolute decision should be that we'll not move to OOP (Object Oriented Programming). I learned that the use of objects for dynamic generated heavy content isn't the way to go, at least by using PHP. I'll also focus on the corporate world, but I'll change 10 of those 20 programmers to security specialists.

Did I miss any important roles?

Maybe a marketing team

If you wouldn't be able to program. Which would be your current CMS if there wasn't a phpNuke? ...if there weren't any phpNuke derivates? ... if there weren't any open source / free CMSes?

Maybe I would be using something from Macromedia

If you'd wanted to hack a current CMS to be the way you like it: Which one would that be (which is not a phpNuke derivate)?

An answer I can't give you properly, since I don't know other CMS code. But I see myself doing heavy tests on each one and then looking at their source code. If I can find something usable and easy understandable, that application will catch my attention.

If you could rewind 5 years, what would you do differently?

Maybe start PHP-Nuke from scratch and not based on any other application.

If you could rewind 10 years, what would you do differently?

Will start to develop PHP-Nuke. It’s 5 years old now, if it reaches 10 years instead I think that I'll feel more comfortable than now.

If you would be reborn, what would you like to be?

I would like to be a movie director

If you'd started a community from scratch: Where would you begin?

From a piece of paper, planning what I'll offer and how

If you'd started a community from scratch: What would be reasons for using a portal, what would be reasons for a forum, for a blog, something else (what?)?

I would add anything imaginable and always the reason would be: my users

If you'd started a community from scratch: How would you get people to contribute?

Surveys, contests, from time to time openning a controversy, etc.

If you had 5 wishes...? Which one would these be?

First wish: I want only 2 wishes

Second wish: Anything that I wish becomes a reality

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  • Thanks

    Posted on 2005-08-20 12:40:42 By Anonymous

    Thanks for this detailed informations! Hinrich

  • No Subject

    Posted on 2005-08-23 23:53:09 By Anonymous

    excellent interview!

  • Great Read!

    Posted on 2006-03-27 09:55:30 By Anonymous

    This interview with Francisco was an absolute pleasure to read, I'm an IT graduate from Australia just starting to look into the advantages of using CMS and portal systems. To get an insight into one of the early developers of a Portal system was fantastic ;)

    • Re: Great Read!

      Posted on 2006-03-27 16:47:14 By rck[110]

      Glad to hear that! Btw., I have a couple of years experience with CMSes, too. Maybe you'd like to start a discussion or two in my forums? I'd gladly join...

  • Great Read!

    Posted on 2006-04-03 20:59:26 By Anonymous

    Excellent Interview. Congratulations!!!

  • Burzi And Nuke

    Posted on 2006-08-09 18:33:10 By Anonymous

    I'm A TÜRK Webmaster Thank You Burzi php-nuke forever number one cms ;)

  • No Subject

    Posted on 2006-11-27 17:39:39 By Anonymous

    Someone needs to create an online or correspondence school for Nuke. Burzi says his programming is easy and in the community I'm a part of none of us fully understand it. Nuke technical help forums abound for a very good reason and even there, the pros can't figure out a lot of things. Nuke is the greatest but create a site with full definitions of variables and their uses and all entailed in programming Nuke, make money doing it, I know a million people that would pay.
    vive le Nuke.

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