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New Theme: Shine
updated by rck, 2004-10-19

You wanted it, you get it. The first downloadable Theme of And it's different.

Get out your Project Pitchfork, Nitin Sawhney or Blue Tonic World tracks and shine.

A word (or two) about the boxes

this is how we do it!
our masterplan

I wanted that Photoshop outer glow effect. Badly. So I got inspired by Sharon's new found obsession for creating boxes with phpWebSite. And started building my own, shining border. That was the beginning.

Have a look to the left, it's the masterplan for the borders. The orange stuff is taken from the older phpWebSite default theme, I guess. Don't know, was the base for rck2004 as well.

The pink boxes are new, though. They are needed, because there's a soft transition from border-edges to border-lines (is that the word for it?). Fire up your Photoshop, do a small, filled box, give it a outer-glow and zoom in all the way. You'll see, what I mean.

Things to consider / to take care about

If you want to copy that kind of boxes, please keep in mind:

  • This is oldskool. You might want to avoid using tables for production sites. If you know how to do that in css, please go ahead and tell!
  • All the corner boxes, that includes the pink ones, need to have fixed width and height, else they'll break.
  • All the others need width / height set to 100 percent. Otherwise you might end with just a single image of the border.

Please check out the provided download for further details, you might want to have a look in the boxstyles-directory

What is this?
A word (or two) about the boxes
Make it shine
Use it

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