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New Theme: Shine
updated by rck, 2004-10-19

You wanted it, you get it. The first downloadable Theme of And it's different.

Get out your Project Pitchfork, Nitin Sawhney or Blue Tonic World tracks and shine.

Make it shine

So... How did I do the mouse get's somewhere, everything get's enlighted effect? First of all, you'll need some kind of advanced browser for that. Say, Opera 7 or FireFox 1. Roger that?

Ok. CSS2 (I guess) introduced the :hover pseudo-element. With it, you can determine the way, a certain element looks, when the mouse is over it. As simple as that.

While Internet Explorer did the first step and implement a:hover (hover style for links), it stopped right there. The current Internet Explorer 6 won't go any further and simply ignores the hover-statements. We could fix that with some JavaScript, but I'm lazy.

to shine or not to shine
shine left, don't right

Is there more?

Well... You might notice the shine header on top of each page. Why is it transparent? Because I made transparent, 24bit PNG with Photoshop.

And the font-sizes? How did you make them consistent on all the browsers? That's the noodle incident's fault, not mine! In fact, I'm quite happy about Owen Brigg's research, it saves a bit of headache.

How did you get the hover idea in the first place? Well, that's a secret. It has to do with a guy called sammael, who's registered on this site as well...

And... Well, whatever else could be on your mind: Ask away in the comments! Thank you.

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