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Real Life phpWebSites
updated by rck, 2008-04-29

So you've stumbled across them. Open Source CMS systems. And are puzzled. What exactly can they do, how can they help me? Why shouldn't I simply go to a consultant, pay a bit of money and let him/her decide, what to use?

Well, you could of course do that. Or you could inform yourself prior to buying service or doing a site by yourself. I'd like to help you here by providing a collection of some of my favourite phpWebSite installations. You can see there, how they are used, how they look like, how they work.

Collecting phpWebSites

Since I've started with phpWebSite in 2004, I haven't seen a collection of real-world example sites. Granted, there were a couple of announcements on the official phpWebSite. There were postings all over the various support forums / wikis / etc. And there were a lot of nice looking, good working sites out there.

But a collection of sites? Something that just takes me to examples, without me having to search for them first? I couldn't find it. So I've started one on my own, in my Link Collection. Now, that I've even included pictures of the sites there, I might as well show it others.

The demo site list

Please, don't add your site directly to the link collection. You can of course, but I'd rather see you post in my phpWebSite forum. You can even add your site as a signature to get more exposure, if you want to. I'd like to keep my demo list hand-selected and not too long. You can of course also mention other sites you think are nice.

to the Real Life phpWebSites

Further reading

You might enjoy the Free phpWebSite themes demo site, if you'd like to make your own phpWebSite. It shows a collection of all the free phpWebSite themes I came across. You can switch between them with a single mouse-click to try them out.

Also, I'd like to thank Diego Di Guardo for making the picture available freely I've used for the teaser image here.

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