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establishing a phpWebSite tag
updated by rck, 2006-02-11

Social Bookmarking seems to be "the next big thing" since Blogs right now. Always being one to look deeper into current trends, I've taken a closer look at Social Bookmarking systems also and enjoy them. They enable you to share your bookmarks. Not only amongst different PCs but also with a large community.

And they help you get your bookmark list in shape by providing tags. That's where you come in. Do you like phpWebSite? Do you think, it should have more exposure?
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Tagging seems to have started during the early days of blogs. Instead of putting stuff in categories, people started giving them tags and got more flexible by doing so. It is easier to enter a coma-separated list of Keywords than selecting one or more categories from a list. A big relief here was the "reinvention" of Ajax, that enabled people to get for example autocompletition of those tags.

Tags are quite common now in online stuff. Look for example at, where you can tag images. Or at social bookmarking sites, like my favourite one: You can also filter stuff by tags, that's where it starts making sense. Look for example at my items tagged with phpWebSite.

Social Bookmarking

As far as I know -- please correct me, if I'm wrong -- social bookmarking started with It was a nice and easy way of collecting and sharing bookmarks. People loved it and started immitating it. My collection of social bookmarking sites right now contains 16 sites and I add new ones as I find them.

The easiest to use and fanciest one seems to be, I use this site to share my bookmarks with my colleagues at work and my home PC. It is Ajax-based, very polished and well received by the web community. See a link you like on it? Press "blink it" and it goes into your own bookmark collection. Want to know, how many people already blinked it? It says "X blinks" right away, a click on this icon brings you to the list of users that have bookmarked the given site. The more links, the more popular. You can even rate links.

And that's where you come in.

tagging phpWebSite

My collection of phpWebSite links currently contains 5 items. To support phpWebSite, and maybe even, just "blink" your favourite selection of those sites and maybe even rate them. and are my projects, you probably know about the other ones already. If you think a site is missing, please tell.

To do the "blink":

1) get an account
2) browse to my collection of phpWebSite links
3) press "blink" for every site you like to
4) that's it!

How high will the counters go? We will see...'>bookmarks
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