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Depending upon technology for marketing
updated by rck, 2005-09-19

A few days ago, I met with a couple of friends in Viennas' first district. It is probably one of the most expensive places for businesses and also very crowded. Successful advertisements would probably have a very high impact there.

But what about non-successful, even non-working advertisements? Would they be also boosted? Or would people simple pass by and ignore them?

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Two faults at the same time

When I first arrived at the “scene of crime” I saw a very blue installment. Looking at the screen, I could only read “This resolution cannot be displayed”. I don't think, that this was a trick of the kind make people think so they will remember us.

But I thought about it, looked around. Apparently, the installment was about a concept called “Wohnquadrat” by the Erstebank. This seems to be some kind of special offer for people wanting to get a flat. Don't know about it.

The stock market

Refresh Error
Refresh Error
The shop continued around the corner. There were a couple of classic advertisements in it. And another installment, this time consisting of 6 screens. Yes, one of them showed another error.

Apparently, the bank in question was using the Internet Explorer for advertising. There are quite a few people around not liking this particular browser because of its numerous security-flaws. The error here on the other hand wasn't a security problem I guess. It read something like “Cannot refresh this page without sending information again. Click Repeat for sending or Cancel to abort”

The sad part about this service is of course that the bank here tries to actually sell their IE solution to customers...

Emergency service

The first account with emergency-service
One of the working advertisements: An emergency-service for your bank-account. Well, at least your accounts seem to be safe here. Maybe there should be an update to make it include their computer systems as well?

I really would like to know what happened to the sys-admins / programmers responsible for these failures. Have they even been bothered with those faults? Or have the computers simply been restarted and the errors ignored?

I'll probably never know.
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Two faults at the same time

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