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Bounty 1.5 inch shorter
updated by rck, 2005-03-08

Great, the new Bounty rolls have 50 percent more sheets! Yeah, that's written on the package in bold letters. But wait. Isn't it quite a bit shorter, too?

Luckily I still had an old roll of Bounty at home and could compare them.

Great marketing

...yet 50 % more sheets
1.5 inch shorter

If I'd be good in maths, I could probably calculate the difference volume of these two rolls. While the new ones ARE fatter, at least when they come new, they are also quite a bit shorter.

I think, the volume remained the same so it's just marketing. And poor in that. As all the other rolls from other brands are taller -- as tall as the old Bounty rolls were.

So, my conclusion: I guess, I'll switch the brand. Again.

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