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First advertising reality show ever
updated by rck, 2005-07-08

Synergy has always been a very interesting topic to me. Synergy means: mixing up a couple of things so the result is bigger than the initial ingrediences. Henkel did that for a nice ad I stumbled across linkdump.

Henkel is owner of the well-known Loctite brand. What they did was a synergy of advertising and a reality-show: They glued up a monitor with their glue, put a web cam in front of it and transmit the resulting picture over the net. People worldwide are able to send a message to the screen.


monitor glued to wall

For me, the result is very interesting marketing-wise. It's an interesting incarnation of viral marketing: put up something cool and people will spread the word for it. Without additional cost for you.

Popuplar examples include flash-based games, crazy videos and strange pictures that can be send to friends by mail. I haven't seen something similar to the Loctite ad yet, though.

From my point of view, the ad is kind of refreshing. One can of course expect to see similar ads coming up like mushrooms if this one prooves successful.

Reality Shows

Reality shows as such are very old. Back in 1948, Allen Funt taped and broadcast the complaint of fellow servicemen in his Candid Camera. The television show started airing a year later.

Other popular examples of early reality shows include America's most wanted (1988), Cops (1989), America's Funniest Home Videos (1990, copied by others endless times), and a few others.

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