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New Theme: Autumn
updated by rck, 2004-10-19

Autumn is my third single-column theme. This time, it's a "real" single-column theme, it hasn't got a sidebar anymore. As it's Autumn right now in Korneuburg, I did another google-picture search and found some nice autumn pictures.

By the way: You can download & use this theme!

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You are free to use Autumn, as long as you keep the link to this article in it. It would be nice, of course, if you could put the link of your changed Autum-Themes in the comment-section here. Please feel free to write whatever comes to you mind about it as a comment as well.

Autumn has been successfully tested in FireFox 1, Opera 7.5, Internet Explorer 6 and Konqueror 3.


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  • more themes please

    Posted on 2004-10-19 21:01:51 By rdoylelmt[1]

    Congratulations on this autumn theme!

    It is a good thing to see you create new themes for phpWebSite... comparatively to other OS projects... we have only a few themes available currently.

    Thanks for your contributions,


    [Reply ]

    • Re: more themes please

      Posted on 2004-10-19 21:34:51 By rck[110]

      I know, I know... Well, one reason might be, that we don't have a 'nice' html engine as well. It's "Kraut und Rüben", as germans would put it: A whole heap of different stuff that doesn't fit together nicely.

      As soon as we have removed most of the tables and have semantically 'useful' html (like only a h1 or h2 for a heading, not a div, and a b tag and center and ... for a single heading, neither a class for headings...), the 'real' Webdesigners could start liking phpWebSite...

      Actually, I release some themes so everybody could make nice themes. So go ahead smile

      [Reply ]

  • Layout Map Is Brilliant Idea

    Posted on 2004-11-01 07:21:45 By Anonymous

    Sorry to post as anonymous. This is vernessataylor (waiting on my new user confirmation). Got here by way of pwsforums smile . Thanks for the layout map accompanying your new Autumn theme. It is not only useful for editing your very nice theme, but it answers a question for me about editing PWS themes in general .... at least the ones that follow a bit of a standard layout. Great work (and I appreciate your insightful answers over in the pws forums too) !


    [Reply ]

    • Re: Layout Map Is Brilliant Idea

      Posted on 2004-11-07 05:27:15 By rck[110]

      well, well... how did your registration go? smile

      [Reply ]

  • Thank you

    Posted on 2004-12-19 00:59:34 By Anonymous

    I found this very helpful in understanding how the various pieces of phpwebsite fit together and what their purpose was. I agree with the others that it forms a nice overview where more specific and detailed information could be hyperlinked from, i.e. we want more! smile And when you are done with the detail, perhaps you could extend it further with a style tutorial using your Autumn theme as a starting point and tweaking the various pieces to see what they do in a live situation: changing boxstyles, .tpl's, .css styles etc...
    Thanks again,

    [Reply ]

  • Don't get it....

    Posted on 2005-08-15 20:53:52 By sdavis6[1]

    Hi again! I think this template is amazing, and I've downloaded it. But it downloads as an .sit file, so I changed the properties to .zip, and now am not sure how to install it. Could you spell it out for me? There are no box style tmp. in the download either.



    [Reply ]

    • Re: Don't get it....

      Posted on 2005-08-16 20:29:51 By rck[110]

      That's pretty weird. I just tried to download it myself and Firefox prompted me to save it as a .zip.sit file. Looks like the mime-filetypes of my server are broken, will try to get them fixed.

      Still: the download worked. Firefox saved it as an .zip file (even though it said it would save it as a .zip.sit) and it opens with a double click in Windows XP without problems.

      Btw: A link to is always appreciated smile

      [Reply ]

  • Interesting Ideas

    Posted on 2005-10-31 19:28:11 By Anonymous

    Okay, I'm having some strange ideas on modifications to the Autumn theme already. Yeah it downloaded as a .sit file but my gnome archive manager had no problem except there were no folders it just regurgitated the contents all over the inside of my themes folder so a made a file folder labeled autumn and picked up all the bits I could find.

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    • Re: Interesting Ideas

      Posted on 2005-10-31 19:45:52 By CelTech[1]

      Doh, I thought I was loged in when I wrote that.

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