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My new Clié Cradle
updated by rck, 2005-01-20

Well, today will enter in history as the day where I finally got my Clié Cradle. It came in a lovely, small (almost too small), blue packet.

The packet

I can't remember getting such a nicely packed packet ever before. It's like christmas, only better. And look at those labels!

As an added benefit, I even know how my Address is written in japanese now.

On this picture, the packet looks rather big. But have a look at the iMac keyboard in the background. If you know how small iMac keyboards from the first series are, you'll wonder if that cradle would ever fit in there.

So I opened the packet, and still no relief: A cupholder from New Zealand?! Still, there was some plastic bag in it.

The cradle

Well, that cupholder box gave the cradle the much needed support. It was filled with newspaper as well. The cradle is almost tiny, compared to the one I've been used to from my Palm 3. See the picture. While the old cradle was wider than the Palm 3 (which in turn was wider than the TH-55), the TH-55 cradle is narrower than the TH-55.

It looks almost fragile. Too bad, Sony didn't include the cradle from the start like they used to and like all the other handheld makers do. It would have saved me a lot of worries.

Still, it's working perfectly. And it's looking very elegant. I like it a lot. Thank you Wayne, you're the man! Ah, and be sure to have a visit to his Fukuoka Guide. You can read a couple of interesting things about Japan there as well.

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  • Yippeee

    Posted on 2005-01-20 17:23:38 By Sharondippity[12]

    So glad to see you finally got the cradle. What a PITA it was, yay Wayne in Japan eh? I know exactly how you feel about your Clie; I have the same attachment to my Treo 600. I got my Treo 600 used ( 1 month only, by an online friend) and for only $200. Else I might have gone for a pocket pc/phone, I think it was an Ericksson something.

    I can't justify changing or getting another one so I'll be using mine for a long time. So I bought the second cradle, car chargers etc. It seems in the past every cell phone I finally got accessorized, got replaced almost immediately.

    Well off to work.

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