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Sony Sucks
updated by rck, 2004-10-25

Regular reader know my Sony Story already. I bought a Sony Clie in March, it had no Cradle. My fathers Clie had one, so did my Palm 3. Sony doesn't want to sell me a cradle. Please read on.

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What I want

I want a Sony UC-55 cradle for my Sony Clie TH-55. Nothing more, nothing less. It's sold out in Europe, it's sold out in US in the mean time as well, as Sony doesn't ship it anymore.

Sony US in August

Sony US wrote me back in August, they wouldn't ship to Europe. A couple of time from different departments. I was able to track down a unit in US, after just 2 months. That's what Sony wrote:

The items you requested are listed below.

Item 1 - USB CRADLE, PEGAUC55 -- $29.99 ea.

You may place your order using the link below or call 1-800-488-7669. Shipping charges and local taxes will be added to your order at checkout.

We can not ship out of the US either.
Thank you for your interest in Sony

Sony US in October

A colleague of mine has contacts to US. He wrote me that he'd look for it, after reading my Article. Sonys reply is different this time, they don't even ship to US anymore. I've just got mail from him about it.

The items you requested are listed below.

Item 1 - Cradle, PEGAUC55 -- no longer available

Sony Direct Accessories & Parts Center web site -

Thank you for your interest in Sony.
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What I want
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