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Sony Sucks
updated by rck, 2004-10-25

Regular reader know my Sony Story already. I bought a Sony Clie in March, it had no Cradle. My fathers Clie had one, so did my Palm 3. Sony doesn't want to sell me a cradle. Please read on.

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Sony Japan
the "Mother" of all Sonys worldwide, of course still has the cradle. Not only that, but a tons of other more or less useful stuff for the Clie as well.
eBay US
has -- as time of writing -- one original, used cradle for sale. The list price was USD 30, the bids are at USD 70 right now. Fourteen hours left to go, Fiveteen bidders..
eBay Germany
claims to have a uc55. But it says at the same time, it's for Clie SL and SJ, which can't as they don't mix. Looking at the picture, there's written something like "PEGA-CAJ3" on it and it doesn't look like a cradle at all. Looks like a fraud to me.
eBay Austria
links to eBay US
Wholesale PDA Accessories
had a clone TH-55 dockingstation, called 3-in-1. But: It wouldn't charge my Clie, so it's no improvement to my current usb-cable.
Amazon US, Germany & Austria
One two sold Austria
don't have the cradle at all.

Please help

In case you are going to buy a Sony product anytime soon: Please give it a second, third and fourth thought. You better don't, as I'm not the only one having problems with them. Their support is said to be bad as well.

In case you have any contacts to Japan, please leave a comment below and tell me, wether there is any way of selling me such a cradle. Any help very appreciated -- the USB cable is driving me Bananas!

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