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Sony Clie TG50
updated by ajp, 2005-05-11

Bought about two weeks ago a used TG50 without software CD or other Supplementary. Wanted to change from my good old Psion 5mx pro to a new Handheld. An interesting adventure with lots of Problems!

An Article from Andreas from Linz / Austria

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Why change?

Since about 5 years I use my 5mx pro and I am very glad with it! It is still good working, only the screen is decreasing from the left side some millimeters what makes reading sometimes a little difficult. It could be fixed by a company in Francfort / Germany for about 180,- Eur. As Psion unfortunatley doesn´t produce anymore I decided to change to a ne Handheld. I got the change to buy a used Clie TG50 which is still in good shape! Only the Suplementaries didn´t come with it!

Never the less: My old Psion may be could be interessting for somebody who is still working with it and needs a second one or parts of it!
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