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There's a lot of questions that are asked over and over again. I've decided to collect them here. Please help this list grow by simply editing it after being logged in and adding your questions and answers!

I only get "an error occured"

Well, you can change this output to something more understandable easily. Just

* open core/Database.php
* look for the line "define('SHOW_DB_ERRORS', FALSE);"
* change it to "define('SHOW_DB_ERRORS', TRUE);"

if you try what you did earlier again, you should get a more meaningful error message now.

Is there any way of previewing all freely-available phpWebSite themes?

Yes, there is. You should find all of them at your displosal at my phpWebSite themes demo site. If something seems to be missing, please tell me about it in my forums.

I've installed your Health module and got a couple of errors. What's next?

Please read about common health problems. If yours isn't included, please leave a note in my forums!

I cannot get phpWebSite working. My site is running php/5

As of this writing, phpWebSite does not work with php/5. Please downgrade to php/4 and try again!

Is there a list of all available phpWebSite modules somewhere?

Yes, there is. The official phpWebSite site hosts a list of all phpWebSite modules.

I'd like to create a theme. But how?

Learning about HTML and CSS can take a lot of patience and dedication. Ready for the challenge? Then please read the Display Engine Backgrounder as well as the official phpWebSite theme guide.

I'd like to know about something that's not covered here

Did you try "search" yet? If you weren't successful, please post your question in my forums. Enjoy!

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