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Mar|ke|ting [lat.-fr.-engl.] das; -: Ausrichtung der Teilbereiche eines Unternehmens auf die Förderung des Absatzes durch Werbung, durch Steuerung der eigenen Produktion u. a. (Wirtsch.). (Duden, Fremdwörterbuch, 5. Auflage 1990)



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We have Site Reports!

updated by rck, 2006-05-07
We have Site Reports! In the business-world, they are loved and hated at the same time. Reports with a hundred pages each, in very short intervals. They can overwhelm you. But with the right granularity, you can get insights you won't be able to obtain in a different way.

I've implemented automated reports for In the first instance, there will be three reports sent as one new thread in the forum. Every moth, this report will be generated automatically by the user "system".

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establishing a phpWebSite tag

updated by rck, 2006-02-11
establishing a phpWebSite tag Social Bookmarking seems to be "the next big thing" since Blogs right now. Always being one to look deeper into current trends, I've taken a closer look at Social Bookmarking systems also and enjoy them. They enable you to share your bookmarks. Not only amongst different PCs but also with a large community.

And they help you get your bookmark list in shape by providing tags. That's where you come in. Do you like phpWebSite? Do you think, it should have more exposure?

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How people use phpWebSite polls

updated by rck, 2005-12-04
How people use phpWebSite polls More and more people switch from regular static homepages to dynamic ones. The so called WCMS (web based content management systems) are very popular because of their ease of use and setup. One module you can see in about every WCMS, be it a stand-alone forum, a portal or even a blog, is a poll module.

I've analyzed 49 sites running the phpWebSite WCMS. I've taken a look at how the site owners use the polls, especially what kind of questions they are polling and how successful they are in doing so.

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Depending upon technology for marketing

updated by rck, 2005-09-19
Depending upon technology for marketing

A few days ago, I met with a couple of friends in Viennas' first district. It is probably one of the most expensive places for businesses and also very crowded. Successful advertisements would probably have a very high impact there.

But what about non-successful, even non-working advertisements? Would they be also boosted? Or would people simple pass by and ignore them?

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Google defends Bombing

updated by rck, 2005-09-18
Google defends Bombing

...and by bombing I don't mean bombing Iraq. No, the term Google Bombing actually refers to something else, spamming Google by doing lots of links with a given anchor text.

In a recent post of the Google Blog, the major player of the search engine market itself defends this practice. It's reflecting the current opinion on the Internet and thus needs to be respected, they write in an article to be remembered.

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First advertising reality show ever

updated by rck, 2005-07-08
First advertising reality show ever

Synergy has always been a very interesting topic to me. Synergy means: mixing up a couple of things so the result is bigger than the initial ingrediences. Henkel did that for a nice ad I stumbled across linkdump.

Henkel is owner of the well-known Loctite brand. What they did was a synergy of advertising and a reality-show: They glued up a monitor with their glue, put a web cam in front of it and transmit the resulting picture over the net. People worldwide are able to send a message to the screen.

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Pagerank 5

updated by rck, 2005-04-26
Pagerank 5

Today it occured to me, that my Firefox PR Extension showed PR 5 instead of the PR 4. Just for curiosities sake I did a quick Search for “Pagerank 5” on Google and guess what? It came up with more than 31.000 links!

People are insane. Why would they write about Pagerank 5? Joen Asmussen for example did a note on his blog about it, like this one.

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Adobe to buy Macromedia

updated by rck, 2005-04-18
Adobe to buy Macromedia

Adobe and Macromedia. For years, they've been fighting for users of the same market. Both into creative products, both having similar products. Macromedia Dreamweaver dominated Adobe Pagemill (and later Adobe GoLive, which Adobe acquired in 1999). Adobe Illustrator dominated Macromedia Freehand. And Adobe never got LiveMotion -- its Macromedia Flash rival -- really running.

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Axe Snake Peel got a new skin

updated by rck, 2005-04-04
Axe Snake Peel got a new skin

In case you shouldn't know: Axe Snake Peel is a shower gel that has been introduced somewhere by the end of 2004, if I recall correctly. It's one of these every day products you use and use and forget about it. If you run out of it you simply go to the super market and buy a new one.

A few days ago, the super market had a surprise for me: Axe Snake Peel got a new skin!

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Bounty 1.5 inch shorter

updated by rck, 2005-03-08
Bounty 1.5 inch shorter

Great, the new Bounty rolls have 50 percent more sheets! Yeah, that's written on the package in bold letters. But wait. Isn't it quite a bit shorter, too?

Luckily I still had an old roll of Bounty at home and could compare them.

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